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Cases of fraud haunt people on almost every site. Even clicking on a safe link can turn into a paid subscription, which is also a type of fraud.

On dating sites, fraud is much more common, no one is safe from this. But there are certain ways to prevent fraud on our platform. For this, we need feedback from you, because otherwise we cannot find out about such cases.

For example, if you offer a Russian girl from our dating service to meet, and she avoids this in every way under various pretexts, let us know. The security service will find out the girl’s intentions and, in case of violation of the rules for using the online platform, will block the girl’s page. Probably, the girl avoids meeting due to the lack of serious intentions in the relationship, which contradicts the terms of use of the site.

Also, if the girl’s profile does not contain personal photos and during communication with you she refuses to send photos, she probably has hidden motives for using the platform. To fix this problem is also in our power, just tell us about it.

And the most common case of fraud is connected with the desire to receive money from men. For example, if a girl complains about her financial situation and asks for help in it, feel free to contact the security service.

In any situations that make you suspicious, just write to us and we will eliminate cases of fraud on our bride agency.